Project Hephzibah Foundation for Phocomelia kids is birthed out of the noble vision, strong willed and determination to assist kids with phocomelia to be better and also encourage themselves as unlimited like other kids after the birth of inioluwa. 
Phocomelia Syndrome is an extreme rare birth defect especially of the upper limbs. The bones of the arms and some other cases appendages may be extremely shortened and even absent. The fingers of the hands maybe fused 
 An extreme results in the absence of the upper bones of both the arms and legs, that the hands and feet appear attached to the body. This is called tetraphocomelia
It may be genetic transmitted with families as an autosomal recessive trait or maybe results of the spontaneous changes in the genes growth and mental deficits are also seen in people with phocomelia
Causes of phocomelia
  The cause of phocomelia has been strongly linked to the Ingestion of thalidomide during the early stage of pregnancy 
 In the 1950s and 1960s,  thaildomine was prescribed in the various countries to pregnant women suffering from morning sickness 
 The ingestion of the drug was found to the linked directly to phocomelia and other birth defects, reasons why the drugs has not been approved by food and drug administration for the safety of pregnant women.
Also there is no cure for phocomelia but there are advanced options like surgery and different therapys
However,  this foundation is created to help children with phocomelia to help them discover themselves the more because there is more about them behind the scar. 
Also to educate the mothers of the phocomelia child to love and value their child more.  Also to teach the mothers to help the child aspect themselves, their scars and celebrate their wins.
The objective of the foundation is to:
1. To support 
2. To Encourage. 
3. To Educate Mothers 
4. To build confidence and boldness in the children 
5. To create more awareness about phocomelia
6. To help them overcome their challenges 
7. To create medical and physical therapy session